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Greater Pueblo Chamber Board Names Phyllis Samora Interim President

The Greater Pueblo Chamber Board met earlier this month to discuss what will happen with the vacant President’s seat. In order to continue to serve the Pueblo community to the best of their ability, an appointed interim president needed to be named. After careful thought and consideration, it was voted that Phyllis Samora would be named interim president of The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce until said position could be filled.

Speaking with the board chairman, Louis Nazario, “The board has all the confidence in Phyllis to help lead the organization through our loss of Rod Slyhoff. We are committed to properly vetting this position and finding the perfect candidate for Pueblo.”

Phyllis Samora will reach her 30th year with the Greater Pueblo Chamber this November. Phyllis’s dedication and hard work made her the perfect candidate to fill these shoes. She has been a pillar of professionalism and a dedicated advocate for doing business within the community.

Phyllis brings true professional attributes to the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce and genuinely cares about delivering excellent, quality work. She strives to integrate both an understanding of the big picture strategy and goals, as well as attention to details.

Phyllis easily develops and fosters relationships with faculty, chamber members, volunteers and the Pueblo Community. She actively participates in meetings and events and brings a positive high energy.

The Greater Pueblo Chamber fully supports the board’s decision for interim president. Phyllis leads with enthusiasm, professionalism and the drive of a true Pueblo native. “I’m honored to hold this leadership position. I’m ready to take on this responsibility and continue to move the Chamber forward with motivation and integrity. We Mean Business! “said Phyllis Samora.