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Greater Pueblo Chamber Board of Directors Stance on 2020 Ballot Initiatives

As in every election, it’s important to know the facts about ballot issues. Every year the Chamber Board of Director takes a stance on the critical statewide and local ballot measures. We want Colorado and Pueblo to continue to be a great place to live and work—that’s why we advocate for you here at home and at a state level.  

On Wednesday October 14th, 2020 the Chamber Board of Directors met in a special Board Meeting to consider the local and statewide ballot questions.  The Board considered the questions that will have a positive or negative on our business community.  The following is the Board’s action. 

The Board did not take a stand for or against the following:  

  • Amendment C – Conduct of Charitable Gaming  
  • Amendment 76 – Citizenship Qualification of Voters  
  • Amendment EE – Taxes on Nicotine Products 
  • Proposition 113 – National Popular Vote 
  • Proposition 114 – Reintroduction and Management of Gray Wolves  
  • Proposition 115 – Prohibit Abortions after 22 weeks 

The Board took action to oppose the following: 

  • Proposition 116 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction.  The Board opposed because Supporting Gallagher will reduce property tax revenue for State Government.  
  •  Proposition 117 – Voter Approval for Certain New State Enterprises. The Board opposed due to the cost of the elections and that we elect leaders to make those decisions.   
  • Proposition 118 – the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program.  The Board feels that this proposal is too expensive for our members and employees to fund. 

The Board strongly endorses the following and encourages members and the business community to support:   

  •  Amendment B – Repealing the Gallagher Amendment. The Board feels that if this is not passed, Counties and Metro Districts and Fire Department will not be able to fund themselves in 2 to 3 years as property tax will be nonexistence in Colorado.  
  • Amendment 77 – Allowing local voter approval of Casino Bet Limits and Games in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek.  This will allow local communities to determine to increase limits and games or reduce them. 
  • 2A – To extend the ½ cent sales tax for Economic Development infrastructure.  The tax has been in existence for 36 years and created thousands of new jobs.   
  • 4A – A bond question for school district 70.  It will provide funds for safety and security upgrades, ventilation and indoor air quality upgrades, heating and cooling system, roofing replacements, and traffic flow improvements.  
  • 6A – A temporary sales tax to build a new fire station and to fund the staffing and operations. 

We will share not only our position on the ballot issue but, just as importantly, why we have taken that position. For questions or more information contact Rod Slyhoff at rod@pueblochamber.net